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Questy finds answers for all kinds of parenting problems. It finds articles and discussions from Indian parenting websites, blogs, forums. The results are more relevant and helpful to Indian parents.

Parenting is a global topic. Hence Google search result often contains results from global websites, whereas Questy gives a local answer to parenting problems.

  • Relevant
  • Useful
  • Local Answer

Extremely Relevant Results

Provides extremely relevant and useful results for Indian parents. We index only High Quality Indian parenting sites

Data for all kinds of parenting problems

  • Infants
  • Toddlers
  • Pregnancy
  • Food and diet plans
  • Healthcare
  • Growth, Development and Nutritions
  • Recepies
  • Working Women

Not sure what to search?
Dont worry

We have organized common parenting problems in various categories, presented in an easy-to-browse navigation pane

  • All related searches together

  • Organized into various categories

  • More than just responsive. Carefully Designed for better experience on all devices.

Why Google does not help these parents comprehensively?

Most of the times parents are looking for local results having Indian context. Google results do not give Indian content easily, specially for parenting as it is a global topic. Most Google results are from global websites. There are lots of good Indian parenting websites, content blogs and forums, but they do not appear in search results because of low page rank.
For Example: A parent wants to search healthy food options for their toddler. They want to know healthy food ideas and recepies. Search "toddler healthy food" on Questy and Google both. The results on Questy are much more relevant and useful for Indian parents. Google search shows results from lots of global websites but very few Indian ones.

Questy http://questy.in/?q=toddler+healthy+food

Google https://www.google.co.in/search?q=toddler+healthy+food


We derive lots of useful analytics from Questy which helps to improve the product

  • Categories of Search terms

  • In Home remedies, what are top search queries

  • What are top searches in child growth and development area

  • What kind of services are searched more

  • Local searches in various Cities


  • Hitting more than 5000 Hits per month

  • Traffic growing by 50% every month

  • Used by Indian Parents across the globe

  • Android Mobile app was recently released

  • iOS app is being built

  • Implementing Context aware searches and recommendations

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